Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day 61 - Inguinal Hernia, CPAP Peep 5, Oxygen 25%, rapid breathing

My baby Hao, you are still on CPAP today. 

When we visit you in the evening, the CPAP prongs mask has disconnected from your nose. Your oxygen saturation is alright, but you breathe too rapid, up to 120 times per minute. Your nose were bleeding as well.

Your mom get a nurse to fix up the mask for you. You still have rapid breathing even thought the mask is well fitted to your nose.

I was very at that moment. But I still try to calm down myself so that I can calm down your mom. I told her do not panic, but monitor. I get her to start talking to you so that we will receive her energy.

Your respiration rate eventually has coming down to 30-40 times per minutes after a while. You must be distressed for hours where no one notice your mask has disconnected from your nose. 

You are detected to have Inguinal hernia today on both side of your groins. I believe you will need to go through a surgery to repair your hernia. Probably when your weight reached 2400g. 

Good boy, let's catch some rest and get stronger tomorrow. 

God bless!


Sharon.Bee said...

my baby too now suspected to have inguinal hernia...

Stay strong baby Hao~

Leanna Toms said...

You did not update your blog yesterday, is everything ok? X

Marco said...

Hi Leanna, I was traveling for last 2 days.
I hope baby's ROP will be solved by itself.
So far the primary doctor has not contact us to discuss about the Hernia, hopefully it is something yet to be conclusive or it is mild.

Marco said...

Hi Sharon, inguinal hernia is common for male infant.
Get it inspect and repair early.


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