Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 24 - 1030g, resume feeding, IVH Stage 1

Son, we must say a big thank you to Doctor Khoo and her mentor, Doctor See. Doctor Khoo has changed the intubation tube to a bigger size at 5:30am in view of your thick secretion and your physical weight. 

Your breathing has improved a lot. Your ventilation oxygen % has reduced from 55% to 35%, and your oxygen saturation has improved tremendous. I believe within this week it will be able to reduce further to 21%.

Doctor Choo and Doctor Yip has proceed with scanning of your brain. They confirmed both your brains are developed with IVH stage 1. What a relief to papa and mama.

Doctor Choo has also resume you with breast milk feeding. Started with 1ml every 3 hours. I hope you will do well this round and will be able to achieve full feeding in days to come.

You have increased your weight to 1030g, Doctor Choo said you have slight water retention, hence your nutrien infusion will be adjusted accordinfly. Overall, your weight gain is remarkable.

Son, you are doing well. Papa and mama want you to continue with the strong spirit. 

Stay strong!

Thanks God for assisting my son along the NICU journey. God bless!


Leanna Toms said...

Great news items marco! :)

Sharon.Bee said...

glad to hear that!

Marco said...

Hi B, thanks for the support and advise along the way,

Marco said...

Hi Leanna, God bless!


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