Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How does Google Adsense Pay Cheque looks like?

Google Adsense has become something very popular among bloggers. Many of my friends who are casual bloggers like me have also joined the Google Adsense program with the hope to make some pocket money from the blog.

Majority of them do not received their first pay cheque from Google Adsense yet even the Adsense code has been added into their blog for more than a year. These blogs enjoy average 1 click per 1,000 page impressions, thus it could really take a long while for them to receive their very first Google Adsense pay cheque.

If you are a casual blogger and yet to qualify for the very first pay cheque from Google Adsense, this is how Google Adsense pay cheque looks like.

I have registered 3 blogs with
Collection of  health hints and beauty tips on a wide range of subjects for life improvement and healthy living.

Casual blog of mine and also collection of articles on personal growth, self improvement, self-help and personal power.

Reviews and experience sharing blog for Industrial Inkjet Printer and Large Format Printer (Plotter).

Out of these 3 blogs, 90% of the Adsense income is generated through the Industrial Marking & Coding and Large Format Printing Technologies blog because of its niche contents.

In my opinion, Google Adsense program works well with niche content blogs but it is tough to see result in casual blogs. What do you think? 


alan tan said...

Better use WU when cash out next times cos the transaction cost 4 check clearing is very high...

Read more detail here

Jayce said...

I did not receive AdSense cheque before. I am using Western Union payment all the time... ^_^

SK said...

Good luck with earning more from adsense! I think if you rearranged the layout of your site a little, you'd be able to generate more income. The ads are slightly overpowering your content. :)

Sayini said...

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