Thursday, July 09, 2015

Day 41 - 1145g, Extubation NIPPV Oxygen 30%

My little boy, you are on second trial on extubation today at 9:00am. The initial oxygen setting was at 35%, and it has been weaned down to 30% in the afternoon.

You have less movement today. Maybe because you are concentrating to breathe with your nose.

Your are weighted at 1145g. Another 55g to go to achieved 1200g. You shall gained weight faster after extubation, and really hope to see you gaining 20-30g every day.

Doctor Yip said your IVH is remained the same. And papa also hope you will do well with the eye exam next week.

You are on 8ml preterm formula milk feeding today. As per the nurse, your abdomen is still bloated but has improvement on your waist measurement (smaller size).

You are a true fighter. Stay strong and grow stronger everyday.

Have faith in God and pray for God's mercy.

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