Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 52 - Trial on new CPAP prong mask, nIPPV Oxygen 30%

Baby Hao, you must be very comfortable today. Professor Doctor Choo has put you on trial on a new CPAP prong mask. The intention of the NICU is to replace the existing mask which is loosen easily with a new type.

You are chosen to be the first trial before they confirm the order because you are the most active baby at NICU. It is normal for you to take out the mask by yourself, multiple times in a day.

The new mask fit you well. No matter how you fight and try to pull it off, it is still intact. I believe your breathing can improve faster with this new toy. It cost the hospital MYR1000 per piece. At this moment the USD vs MYR exchange rate is USD1.00 for MYR3.80.

Doctor Yip also mentioned that the incubator that you are staying in cost the NICU MYR180,000. This amount of money can buy us a full specification Toyota Camry or Mazda6 in 2015. It is definitely more expensive than the car your papa is driving.

You are unable to pull off the new mask. But you did pull out the feeding line.

Physically you look strong and tough. You have strong muscles especially at your chest. You will be looking great if you can breethe well.

I am happy that you are contributing to NICU on the trial of the CPAP prong mask. 

I hope you will read all my post at different age of your life. And I can really see how deep your mom love you. Your bonding with your mom is so strong.

During your stay at NICU, your eldest sister persistently insisted to accompany your mom in every visit. And your elder sister has also been with us in most of the visit.

Only parents are allowed to enter NICU. Thus, your 2 little sisters are staying outside and waiting for us.

Can you see the chain of bonding?

You are the youngest man in the family. You need to grow stronger than me and take good care of all the ladies, especially your mom.

Stay strong, my man.

God bless!

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