Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Annoying Neigbor - Inconsiderate selfish smoker

My kids love holidays.The main reason is they love their mom so much, they like to be with their mom whole day long.

As usual, while my wife is preparing lunch at the kitchen, I will do some out door activities with both of them at the garden like playing badminton, cycling, watching insects, gardening or just hang around the garden.

During holiday time, one of my neighbor will have many relatives visiting them and some may stay with them for a while. None of the family member of my neighbor is smoking, but most of their visiting relatives are smokers. I strongly against  passive smoking, and to me if anyone is smoking at the public area, I will conclude one as an extremely selfish person; because passive smoking kills.

I was playing badminton with my elder kid while the younger one is cycling around the garden. The visitor of the neighbor came out from the house. He is a middle age man, and I am betting on his common courtesy that might stop him from smoking while kids next-door are having fun at the garden. I was wrong, this selfish guy just  light on the hazardous cigarette stick without further thought.

The morning activities was ruined by the selfish smoker. An inconsiderate selfish man.

Shame on him!


李思慜 said...

I hate smoker too

Marco said...

Hi 李思慜,
I guess you have settled down in Australia already. In Malaysia, most of the smokers are really inconsiderate, smoking at public areas is so common.


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