Monday, July 06, 2015

Day 38 - 5ml feeding, Nystatin Oral Suspension & Ursodeoxychohe Achod

Today is an eventful day. Your mom went to visit you in the morning and found out that you are fasting and need to take X-ray for your chest & abdomen.

The nurse told her that you are only able to digest half of the feeding of 10ml every 2 hours.

At that moment, your oxygen setting was at 35%. Increased from 25% yesterday.

Your mom texted me the above and that made me very worry. I can feel the pain she has, and definitely can imagine it is at least 10 times more painful than me.

I thought you will need to on several days of fasting and then I quickly call your mom to sign consent form for insertion of the long CBL line for TPN supply, because that procedure require contrast media that warranted for a consent.

She off her hand phone after texted me. I am unable to get hold of her, I leave her with some text messages and quickly call your grandfather-in-law who accompanied your mom to ensure the consent form is signed.

I would not want you to delay any seconds in getting nutritions. 

Your mom returned my call saying that doctor requesting her to purchase Ursodeoxychohe Achod for your treatment.

The pharmacy of the hospital is located at the main tower, and the hospital compound is designed like a maze. I can sense she wanted to get you the medicine as soon as she can, meanwhile I also doubt if she is able to locate the pharmacy. I did not stop her, I let her try. 

I went to hospital in the afternoon to check out the results of your X-rays and also to buy you the medicine. 

Your abdomen X-ray looks fine. Just bloated. Ursodeoxychohe Achod is to improve your bowel movement and digestion. I hope the medicine help. Your feeding has been resumed, 5ml every 2 hours.

Your chest X-ray shows that your lung is still weak. But while I were leaving the NICU in the afternoon, the oxygen supply has reduced to 25%, and your oxygen saturation is near 100%.

You are also precripted with Nystatin Oral Suspension. I believe it shall be due to the mouth thrust, even though it is not visible as per papa and mom observation.

Again, you were crying today. You must be hungry due to fasting or feel unwell due to stomach bloated.

Stay strong and we love you.

God bless!

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