Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 53 - 1290g, nIPPV Oxygen 23% at 15bpm

Boy, you have great improvement on your weight gain. You are now at 1290g, another 210g to cross the 1500g mark.

I believe the new CPAP prong mask has significantly contributed to your breathing ability and lung function. You are able to rest well as the mask is always intact despite how aggressive your motion is.

You are still on 18ml milk feeding every 2 hours and your digestion system is able to cope well.

We can now hear you crying even thought you are inside the enclosed incubator. It means your lung is getting stronger that enable you to cry out loud.

You are still suffering from the secretion that cause your nose blockage. I know it is very painful for you to go through the suction every 4 hours, and it causes you bleeding. Bear with it eventually you will recover and be alright.

God bless!

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Leanna Toms said...

Hi. Glad he's on the c-pap now. In the UK we have two different types of masks that cover the nose. 1) that covers over the top of the nose ( called a koala nose) and one like you say that has two little prongs to go inside the nose ( up the nostril area)
Here, we rotate the different types of nose covers so that they get to change from one to the other very regularly. It helps keep them comfortable :)
Going on cpap is a big step! So glad he's improving!


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