Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 44 - nIPPV Oxygen 30%

Hao, today is your fourth day after extubation. You are coping with it well. Keep it up.

Papa and mama met Doctor James Liew this morning. He said your lung is still weak, and they will continue to monitor your oxygen requirement. These 2 weeks will be very determining to see if your lung can cope with room oxygen 21%.

Doctor James Liew said it is key milestone for you to be able to breathe by yourself without any aid before your adjusted age at 36 weeks.

You digest well with the preterm formula milk and you are on full feeding now. I believe you are be able to make it and free from the cpap by 36 weeks adjusted age.

You are now only on feeding line that go through your throat. Both your hands and your legs are free from any lines. I believe you have never as comfortable as of now. You sleep well everyone we visit you.

Hopefully the good sleep will also expedite your recovery.

While I am writing this post, your mom is talking to you. She also hold your hand while she is praying to the God

Mama's boy, stay strong.

God bless!

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