Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 55 - 1280g, CPAP Oxygen 25%, IVH recovery

Baby boy, you have weight lost of 10g against the last measurement.

I believe it is because of the change of ventilation mode from nIPPV to CPAP. You need more energy to breethe. A part from that, you always pull off the mask resulted you need to breethe with any aid until the oxygen desaturation alarm trigger the attention of the nurse.

Doctor put you back to CPAP today morning with oxygen at 25%. You were put at prone sleeping position in the morning and evening.

We noticed that you were very uncomfortable with the prone position in during our visitation in the evening. You try to move your body.

You started to pull your leg over, slowly you stretch your body to turn around. Yes. After a few minutes, you managed to turn yourself from prone position to side position.

We are happy to see that. It tells us that you have strong muscles, strong will power and good motor skill.

The nurse in-charge told your mom that you have recovered from IVH stage 1.

You did well and keep doing better.

Proud of you.

God bless!

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