Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 59 - Oxygen Air Blender

Boy, the new device that replaced the ventilator is Oxygen Air Blender.

The milk feeding has increased to 18ml every 2 hours in the afternoon.

Be it invasive ventilation, CPAP or oxygen air blender, you are always trying to pull of all the tube that supply you oxygen.

You did it again on the oxygen air blender mask. Yes, you can breethe without the mask, put it will consume much of your energy which suppose to nurture your organs and improve your weight gain.

Due to your hyper active behavior, you have poor weight gain. Besides, you have prolong the period of oxygen dependency. 

This directly extended your stay at NICU.

Be calm boy. You have gone so far, very soon you will be able to breethe without any oxygen aid.

God bless!

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