Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 49 - 9th blood transfusion, nIPPV Oxygen 30%

Today is Muslim festive season, Aidilfitri. 

We went to hospital in the morning to visit you. Doctor James Liew told me that you are stable now when I met him at the entrance of NICU.

However when I met you at your incubator, you looked struggling to breathe, and oxygen saturation is hovering at 75% to 85%. 

Doctor James Liew came in. He ordered a suction for you and took your blood sample to test your blood gas.

You were better after the suction. You still have a lot of secretion, and some of them turned into solid.

The blood gas result was similar to the last few days reading, red blood count at 8.8. Doctor James Liew ordered a blood transfusion for you.

Your mom become very emotional. The worse off when the doctor unable to put in the line after trying on both of your hands and your right leg.

Boy, you need to recover faster for your good self as well as to reduce the pain of your mom. 

I believe you are. 

Stay strong and grow stronger.

God bless!

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