Sunday, July 05, 2015

Day 37 - Hypoglycemia, 10ml feeding, SIPPV Oxygen 25%

My boy, today when I asked Doctor James about your condition, he have me a thumb up before commenting. You must be doing great.

Doctor James said you are actually ready for extubation last week, but due to your hypoglycemia, the extubation trial will be postponed to this week.

Doctor James also seconded Doctor Yip that your tummy is bloated, and it is common for you and some of the premmies. 

Your mom has already hear from Doctor Choo that you will be extubated this week, she keep praying for you and give your lots of encouragement to ensure you will do well.

Today you opened both your eyes wide and starring at your mom. You don't do that to papa, you will just look at me for seconds and then close your eyes. You must be mommy's boy.

As per the nurses, your digestion is alright. But there are some residue of 0.5-1.0ml of the previous feeding when the nurses performed suction. Even thought it seems to be alright as per doctors and nurses, but it still keep us worry.

Papa strongly believe you will be doing well with the coming extubation and will eventually gain weight and grow healthily.

Both your sisters were with us during the morning and evening visits. They were waiting outside NICU because only parents are allowed to enter.

Boy, when you are extubated, just keep breathing and consciously improve your breathing. Breathe in deep and steadily.

Proud to be your dad.

God bless!

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