Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 54 - CPAP trial

Boy, when your mom visited you in the morning, you were under CPAP mode at pressure 6cmH2O.

Moving from nIPPV mode to CPAP mode is a big milestone. I received this good news from your mom and was very delighted.

In the evening, when we were visiting you, the alarm of your medical monitoring system keep beeping due to desaturation of oxygen. 

The nurse then carried out suction procedure and put you back to nIPPV mode with oxygen at 30%. As expected, you bleed everytime when suction is performed. We can see your blood in the vacuum filter.

It was extremely heart pain to me. I can see your mom was panic, but she tried to keep herself calm. From her eyes, I see sadness, endless pain and miserable.

After the suction, the situation improved. But even under nIPPV mode, your oxygen saturation is still not as good as past 2-3 days.

Your mom is very disappointed. I told her that it is common for preemie to take
A few step back after some good progress.

I believe that you are progressing every day. You have strong muscles, and it is alright for you to take some rest after more than 12 hours of CPAP trial.

I believe you can. Have some good rest and strive when you are ready.

God bless!

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