Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day 51 - nIPPV Oxygen 25%, 18ml milk feeding

Boy, I believe you are inherited with my sensitive nose. You have severe nose block that require frequent suction.

You were struggling in the morning. We can see that you were using a lot of energy to breathe, because your nose is block. Your chest and abdomen muscles were seen aggressively expanding and retracting.

Your mom is very worry on your situation. I told her worse case you will use more energy and resulted slower weight gain. 

You continue to digest well with 18ml milk feeding every 2 hours. Hopefully the primary doctor will increase your milk feeding tomorrow based on your weight.

In the evening, after the suction, you sleep well. You are so sweat, just like your sisters.

Stay strong and get stronger everyday.

Papa, mama, sisters and your grandparents love you.

God bless!

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