Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 58 - Off from ventilator

Baby, you cross another milestone today. You are off from the ventilator, and now aided with oxygen & air mixer. You shall be very comfortable now without the CPAP prong mask.

Your progress well today. I believe very soon you will be able to breathe by yourself.

The nurse has decreased your milk feeding to 14ml in the early morning in view of your bloated tummy. Your feeding has resumed and maintained at 16ml in the afternoon till evening.

In the afternoon, the nurse gave you a try to suck the milk by yourself. As expected, you forget to breathe while you were sucking the milk. But, it was a good try. 

Sucking milk while breathing may be the first multi-tasking skill that you need to learn.

Boy, papa is proud of you. I can see the strong fighting spirit in you. 

Staying strong and be stronger.

God bless!

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