Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 43 - 1170g, full feeding, nIPPV Oxygen 30%

Baby Hao, you are doing well on your third day of non-invasive venlitation. Doctor has weaned down your ventilation setting in the morning, lowered the bpm and oxygen % to 21%.

It is a bit tough for you. Nurse has increased your oxygen to 25% and subsequently 30% while maintaining the low bpm parameter.

You closed your eyes tight since extubation. I believe you are focusing yourself very much in breathing.

Practise makes perfect. Keep doing it and you will master the skill. Keep practicing it and your lung will gets stronger.

You are weighted at 1170g. Another 30g to cross 1200g milestone. After that we shall target 1500g and 1800g. 

You are on full feeding today. 15ml every 2 hours. Your abdomen is still bloated. You are free from hypoglycemia now and I hope you can digest well and I do not want to see another blood transfusion on you.

I believe you hear your mom talking to you everyday. She is the woman whom gives you life, be strong, recover soonest and stop letting her worry.

My little boy, be brave and strong like a man. I know you are.

God bless!

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