Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 45 - nIPPV Oxygen 30%

Oh boy, when we arrived at NICU, the oxygen cap was out from your nose. Yes, you pulled it out again.

Even thought you are not aided, but your oxygen saturation is greater than 90%. But we can see you use more energy to breathe. I would say it is a good sign. I m confident you will be able to permanently take off the ventilation in days or another 1-2 weeks times.

3 of your neighbors were sent to quarantine today due to infection. I hope you are not infected. Mean while I hope the babies to recover as soon as possible.

Your abdomen looks much better now. Maybe your digestion system has improved. You are still on preterm formula milk, not sure when will doctor resume you with breast milk.

Boy, listen to your mom words. She spent hour talking to you everytime she visits you. 

She loves you so much and what you need to do is progress well and let her carry you at her arm.

Let her bring you home soon.

God bless!

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