Saturday, October 22, 2016

Dilemma of Team Leaders

It is not an easy journey if one want to be a hands-on, understanding, process oriented and yet result oriented team leaders.

A good team lead will be someone who is consistently be on top of the team objectives, driving results and yet looking into the processes that will make the results possible.

The team lead will be hands on and understanding the challenges face by the team members.

Besides, he or she shall consistently reward  performers and coach the non performers.

Yet, the very key elements of the team leaders are able to see a bigger picture and make necessary planning for the team activities.

A team lead is not merely a supervisor or manager that can perform better result if he or she step into the subordinates territories. A team lead shall focus on how to make the subordinates perform up to the company expectations.

In many occasions, I seen team leads put themselves completely into the shoes of their subordinates. It is vital to be a understanding team lead. Those who put themselves into their subordinates situations are generally good supervisors. 

However, these leaders often unintentionally neglected the higher management challenges and priorities.

I believe, as a team lead, one shall strike a balance, view, plan and execute directions that meet the management priorities and team objectives.

At the other hand, the management shall also value team leaders that strive for results instead of looking at the surface, presentations and reports.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

A Better 2016

2015 was a very challenging year for me and my family.

My wife pregnancy turned into complication in weeks 20, at the same time my father was diagnosed with end stage lung cancer.

My wife was unable to work from her week 22nd pregnancy, admitted to hospital a few times and finally need to deliver the baby at first day of week 28th of pregnancy. My baby was extremely premature and he was admitted to NICU upon delivery for more than 4 months.

My father fallen down injured one of his arm, the whole family daily routines turned haywire as my kids transportation to school and meals were rely on him. It took him 3 months to recover, and the cancer cells has weakened him over this period, he lost 12kg in 3 months time.

What I have gone through in 2015 was beyond imagination. I was exhausted, but I told myself that the 2 pillars of the family, my wife and my father were in trouble, both of them and the family need me, I am the backbone of them. Even though I gone through hell, I still need to keep going.

Despite of all the family issues, I still need to run my operation in my day time job. 2015 was also a very challenging year for Malaysia. I have been not resting for 24/7 for many months in a row.

There were tears, frustrations, hopelessness and worry in most of the nights.
There is no room for me to slow down, to think or consider, I just need to move forward.
There is no luxury for me to fall sick, no reason for me to rest.

I learn to accept. I cried a few occasions, while I were alone, driving back from hospital after visiting my baby. Never been so sad and being such hopeless in the past.

Everything becomes less relevant and not important to me except that I need to keep the family moving on while coping with the circumstances.

At my day time job, I need to run the operation like business as usual as there is no room for any slowdown.

Thanks God, my baby is home and healthy now. I learn to appreciate for being healthy.

As for my father, he is already 77-year-old, we are fighting the cancer disease with him. Make sure he eat healthy diet and eliminate sugar intake.

Lunar new year is the time for me to think over last year lessons and set right priority in the coming year.

Being healthy and fit is definitely my priority and I need to ensure all of my family members are well taken care off.

Life is short and none of us know what will happen next. Live life now and appreciate every moments.

Because life is too short to regret, I will pursue happiness, live a life that is worth living.

I am looking forward for a better 2016.

God bless!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Day 140 - Discharge today

Baby Hao, you did well and finally graduated from Malaya University Hospital today.

It was a long journey. 140 days period, near to 5 months long.

You fought well for the past 140 days. You grew from 640g to 3000g today.

It was a tough journey. You have went through it and become a tough guy.

In another 30 days, you will need to go through a hernia repair procedure.

We hope the journey ahead will be smoother and you will catch up all the development in a few months time.

Welcome home boy!

God's bless!


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