Friday, December 08, 2017

Miascor Lounge at Terminal 1, Ninoy Aquino International Airport

The traffic condition in Manila city is consider very congested. A 5 to 6km distance may take you about 2 hours if you travel by car.

I also heard that travelling from Makati city to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport can take as long as 4 hours, and it is common. Having said that I have never encounter such horrible situation, maybe because I will request to use Skyway instead of let the driver decide which route to go.

Because of the unpredictable traffic situation, my Philippines friends always advise me to depart to airport 4 hours before my flight departure time. I think this is a logical advise, however if the flight schedule is delayed, which is very common in Manila, I will end up having to wait for 3-5 hours before taking a 4 hours journey flight in the plane.

The airport is descent, however with very limited choice of F&B, and the "turtle" speed broadband from Globe or Smart, the waiting time of 3-5 hours are kind of challenging.

The only way out is to find a descent place to chill, work or perhaps a "me time".

The only bet will be the airport lounge.  As Enrich member, I will be able to entity the lounge once I qualify for Gold member. I am 9000 Enrich miles away from getting there, hope by January 2018, when I visit Manila again, this Miascor lounge will be a nice place for me to spend my 3-5 hours time in the airport.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Fake Egg vs Real Egg

Egg is the most complete source of protein.
As usual, we will prepare half boiled eggs for my family during weekend.

The Village Eggs that bought from wet market

However, when I clean the eggs shell before I put them into the stainless steel mug for soft boiling, I found the eggs look too perfect to be real. It triggers more suspiscous when my wife told me there is some plastic smell released when she opened the cover of stainless steel mug. The eggs were tasteless as well.

The above signs summoned an experiment to clear my doubt.

To test is to compare the suspicous village egg with another farm egg.
The white color egg is village egg, and the brown color egg is farm egg.
Hard boiled both of the eggs.

Village egg and farm egg for comparison

Remove the round (bottom) of the egg shell. Natural egg shal have some air space between the shell and the egg white at the bottom.

Can you see if there is any air space in between the shell and egg white?

What about this one? Is there any air space between the shell and egg white?

The egg shell and the egg white of the village egg leave no air space.
On the other hand, the air space between the egg shell and egg white of the farm egg is clearly visible.

Let's peel off the eggs completely and compare the shape of the eggs.

Village egg has Perfect shape

Farm egg has flat bottom, which leave air space betwen the egg white and the egg shell

The village egg has perfect shape, both top and bottm of the egg has round surface. However for the farm egg, the bottom looks flat where this gives air space between egg white and the egg shell.

I am not sure whether my test result can be conclusive to say that the said village egg is fake. However it is safe to choose for alternative source that I can be assured that the eggs that my family consume is genuine.

If you have more information, please feel free to share your comment.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

JPJ Petaling Jaya

JPJ, also known as Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan is a department that deal with driving license, road tax, change of car ownership, compounds, etc.

As usual, I have started to use online application like MYEG for anything to deal with JPJ or government agencies. It is because of issues like:

1. Severe insufficient car parking space
2. Extremely crowded. 

Basically doing one single transaction with JPJ will cost you almost one productive day. 

My question now is why these peoples willingly to burn their productive hours by physically visit to JPJ for transactions? Can't they do it online?

The government is also not learning. The new government offices like those in Putrajaya are also designed with limited car park spaces. It is really counter productive as the visitors need to spend almost 60 minutes to get their car parked before they can proceed to queue for a number. After getting a number they need to queue for 60-360 minutes for their turn depending on luck. The actual transaction takes you less than 5 minutes.

If you really need to visit to JPJ, my advise is you shall take Uber or Grab. At least you save the hassle of looking out for car park.

For any transactions that you can do online, try it and I bet you will love it. So convenient and very productive. It cost you a couple of Ringgit to save you hours, gasoline and tolls.


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