Saturday, July 04, 2015

Day 35 - 1055g, SIPPV Oxygen 23%

Baby boy, you will not be weighted everyday because you are off from total parenteral nutrition (TPN).

You gained some weight, you are at 1055g today. The weight gain is a bit slow as compared to doctor expectation of 20-30g per day.

Doctor has also discussed with your mom about her diet. They suspect your glucose deficiency may be due to the quality of breast milk. Which could be also resulted from her diet.

The Caeserian section operation for your delivery has caused your mom's red blood cell count dropped drastically. She received blood transfusion 1 day after you were born. 

She was so weak and she looked pale for weeks after discharged from the hospital. She has just recovered 1-2 weeks ago.

Maybe it is a good idea to mix some formula milk for preterm baby when you reach 1200g or above.

It is painful for papa and mama that you need to go thru so much at the beginning of life. On positive thinking side, I believe this NICU journey will make you a very strong man in the future.

You were crying when I visited you. Because you are intubated, we could not hear your voice. 

You were fighting, with your 2 hands and 2 legs. You keep crying. We thought you were feeling unwell. 

The nurse was very helpful. She come and soothed you, but you still cry and fight after a very short while.

She then changed your positions. You finally calm done after she put you on prone position. You were sucking the ventilation tube. Your mama noticed it. You cry because you are hungry.
Boy, continue to improve your lung and breathing, we want to hear your voice.

Develop your will power and pray to God for blessing and mercy.

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