Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Day 32 - 1045g, 11ml milk feeding, SIPPV Oxygen 30%

My little boy, you gained some weight after 2 days of weight lost. Your weight lost is due to reduction of supply from the TPN where TPN will cause water excessive water in the body.

You have eye exam today on retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). Due to your eyes are still immature, nothing is detected. Another scan will be done in 2 weeks time.

You must have suffered a lot during the eye exam. We see you opened your eyes and looks very weak. We see that you look vulnerable and scared.

Your mom was calming you down, talking to you. You are active, but less responsive. Papa know, you gone thru a tough day.

Your tummy is bloated. Doctor Yip said some preterm babies are like that, bloated tummy. I hope you fall into the "bloated tummy" group.

You passed motion 4 times today, and you are on full feeding now, at 11ml every 2 hours.

Hao, get stronger and breathe on your own.

Love you.

God bless!


Sharon.Bee said...

my baby's tummy looks bloated too back then
no worries

Marco said...

Yes. Doctor said my baby tummy is bloated and it is common for him.
A new doctor that does not know him may think he has feeding intolerance.


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