Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 46 - 1180g, Eye exam, nIPPV Oxygen 30%

Oh boy, you have poor weight gain. You only gained 10g in these 2 days.

You have eye exam today for ROP. The result is alright, but you still need to inspect your eyes for another few round to really ensure you are free from ROP.

Your feeding is at 17ml every 2 hours. Your stomach is less bloated now.

There is a massive infection at the NICU, the nurses are busy with reshuffling of the infected infants into the other room.

You are strong boy. You really active. You cried because you are hungry, and you are sort of fighting to protest. 

You need to save your energy to gain weight. Too aggressive is no good. Your hear beat and respiration went sky rocket when you were fighting.

There are also several occasion that you took out the ventilation cap. You have no problem breathing without aid but it will cause you to deplete your energy very fast which may cause problem in gaining weight.

Doctor Yip said your blood platelet count has normalized which is a great achievement. But your red blood count is slightly lower at 8.8.

Rest well and recover soon.

God bless!

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