Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 56 - 20ml milk feeding, CPAP Oxygen 25%

Boy, doctor has finally increased your milk feeding volume from 18ml to 20ml every 2 hours after so many days.

You are less desperate for food after the increase of the milk volume. You sleep better.

It is because the intention of the doctor is to set you 1 milestone at a time. You are coping well with CPAP, which means you are ready for another milestone challenge, in this case is your feeding intake volume.

You are still on ursodeoxychohe Achod medication as your gut and liver are still not mature enough. Which both organs have signifant impact on your digestion system.

You also changed bed location and sleep in another incubator today. 

Rest well and get ready to cross another milestone.

God bless!

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