Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 60 - 1415g, 10th blood transfusion 28ml, CPAP Oxygen 25%

Baby boy, you started to have good weigh gain. You are at 1415g today, another 85g to cross the important milestone.

You have a lot of secretion, thick one, and mostly in the nose. The nurse told us that you looked tired in the morning. Even after suction, you are still struggling to breathe. Hence, you are returned to CPAP ventilation with PEEP 5, Oxygen 25%. A blood sample is taken due to this as well.

From the blood test, your red blood count is below 8. Hence, a blood transfusion is warranted. This is your tenth blood transfusion since you are born. And it is 12 days gap from your last blood transfusion.

I hope your low red blood count is purely due to the immaturity of your bone marrow only.

I hope over days, your bone marrow, lung, liver and gut are growing stronger and stronger.

Son, you look tired today. Have a good rest and get well soon.

God bless!

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