Saturday, August 01, 2015

Day 64 - 1475g, ROP Stage 1, CPAP Oxygen 23%

Boy, papa was not around for the last 2 days. Papa received your progress update from your mom.

You were detected with ROP stage 1 on last 2 day, day 62. A follow up eye exam will be carried out on day 69. 

If your ROP is not going to worse off, high chances it will be resolved by itself. Let's pray that you will be alright.

You have good weight gain recently. Your weight today is 1475g, another 25g to cross the 1500g milestone. 

Your milk feeding has also increased to 20ml every 2 hours. Hope that you will digest well and eventually can increase the feeding further.

You sleep well in the evening when we visited you. Oxygen saturation is good, calm breathing and steady heart rate.

Stay strong boy.

God bless!

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