Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Day 39 - 1120g, 5ml feeding, SIPPV Oxygen 30%

Hao, you have achieved another milestone on your weight, you have crossed the 1100g line. Your weight is at 1120g.

Your stomach is still very bloated. Doctor tried to increase your milk feeding to 8ml but it is reduced to 5ml in the evening. 

The doctor has reduced the ventilation maximum pressure setting to 12mmHg from 17mmHg. But the oxygen supply has increased to 30%. You need to continue to improve your breathing effort as papa would like you to be extubated.

You look slightly pale today. It must be frequent blood sampling due to your hypoglycemia. I hope your bone marrow is more mature now to supply you red blood cells so that the doctor will not order you another blood transfusion.

Brave boy, be strong and recover soon.

God bless!

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