Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 57 - 1330g, CPAP Oxygen 25%

Baby Hao, you gained 50g in these 2 days time. You are now at 1330g. Another 170g to cross the 1500g milestone.

Crossing 1500g is a significant milestone for all the preemies. As per doctor Choo, most of the complications of the preemies will be recovered after passing 1500g. 

In the morning, your oxygen setting was at 21%. But in the evening, the setting has been increased back to 25%. It is ok baby, you have tried your best, let's rest for a while and strive again.

You continue to sleep well after the increased of milk feeding volume.

As per the nurse, your secretion at the nose is thick and a lot. This shall be the main cause that hold you down.

I am so sorry that you inherited the sinus nose from me. Your grandfather has similar problem.

I like to see your chubby face. You are adorable. 

Rest well tonight and challenge the next milestone tomorrow. 

God bless!

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