Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Day 40 - 8th blood transfusion, Abdomen bloated, SIPPV Oxygen 35%

IMy boy, your stomach is still bloated. Due to that, your feeding is still maintained at 5ml. And you have your 8th blood transfusion today.

Doctor has switched your diet from breast milk to preterm formula milk in the afternoon. 

Doctor suspect you are feeding intolerance due to your digestion system is not able to handle the bacteria in your mom's breast milk.

Papa hopes the preterm formula will work well with you as you shall be feeding at 12-13ml every 2 hours. 

You must be very hungry. I see you sucking the ventilation tube with one of your hand holding on it. 

The good news today is the nurse said your secretion has turned to white color from yellow color. It means the secretion is not as thick as before.

Stay strong and God bless!

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Leanna Toms said...

Good boy! And stay strong mum and Dad. Hugs from England, I'm still reading your blog every day!


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