Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 31 - 1015g, 9ml milk per feeding, SIPPV Oxygen 30%

Oh boy, you have weight lost today. 
You are lighter by 50g as compared to yesterday. Hopefully it is because of the transition between TPN and breast milk feeding.

Your milk feeding has increased to 9ml every 2 hours. Based on your current weight, your full feeding volume shall be 10-12ml. If everything go smoothly, you shall be on full feeding in another 1 or 2 days time.

You continue to improve on your respiration system. You are still on SIPPV mode but the oxygen supply has reduced to 30% from 35% yesterday.

The nurse has put you on prone position to prevent you from pulling off the ventilation tube. Papa know it is not comfortable, but pulling it off is very dangerous. The only way to release from intubation will be get stronger and breathe without ventilator.

Because you are on prone position, you are facing down and unable to see your mom. When she touches you, I can see you wanted to turn around and see her. You are very strong, I can see your hands and legs are trying very hard to turn your body. I know you want to see your mom.

If you are studying in primary school while you read this post, please go back and hug your mom.

If you are studying in secondary school while you read this post, please tell your mom that you will choose your friend carefully and will always behave yourself, give her a hug as well.

If you are studying at college while you read this post, visit her often and date her for lunch, hi teas or dinner. Hug her always.

If you are working, be it still bachelor or married, visit her often, update her that you are healthy and happy. Spend times with her together with your sisters. Give her some hugs.

I can see the bonding between you and her. Both of you love each other so much. 

May this power of love help you to recover soonest and may the power of love nurture your mother's health.

God bless!


Sharon.Bee said...

i somehow teared reading this...
and inspired me to write some posts to my boy before i forget.

Marco said...

B, from the baby, I can see that there is an extraordinary bonding between the mother and her baby. A father can never come close to that.


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