Thursday, May 11, 2006

During the Date

Don’t go to the date only intending to have a good time, go with the desire to give your date a good time.

Be sensitive to the cues your date will give you. You can easily gauge how comfortable the person is by observing his/her body language.

Don’t try to get too close too fast. On the first date, keep the same distance you would with a normal friend. However, it’s true that each person has a different comfort zone.

If he/she steps backward, or tilts his/her body away to create a distance between you, or crosses his/her arms to create a barrier, then you know you’re too close.

To show interest without intruding, bend your body towards the person when you’re conversing. By nodding your head, and tilting it slightly you indicate your interest in the conversation.

For guys, pay the girl a compliment now and then throughout the date. If she exposes the palms of her hands facing you, or twirls her hair around her fingers, she’s probably flirting with you.

For a girl, try mirroring your date’s body language and positions (femininely of course).

For conversation topics, seek to find common ground. Hobbies, passions, travel- just be sure to steer clear of the following: politics, religious, sex, ex-boyfriends/ ex-girlfriends. Much too heady for a first date!

Be positive on your first date. No one wants to go out with someone who is always whinging, whining and complaining.

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