Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 29 - 1075g, 5ml feeding, SIPPV Oxygen 45%

Today is Saturday. Visiting you has become our family event during weekend. 

Because papa is not working on Saturday and Sunday, I can bring your mama, sisters visiting you twice in a day.

You gained 15g today, weighted at 1075g. The breast milk feeding has increased from 3ml to 5ml every 2 hours.

With increased milk intake, I hope you shall be able to gain more weight. 30g per day will be good thought.

You look pinkish today. This is very important as everytime when your skin turned fair (doctors said it is pale while previously I thought it was your skin pigment getting matured), you will have blood transfusion in a day or two.

Papa hopes that your bone marrow is functioning well now so that you will not need any blood transfusion.

Your breathing looks steadier as compared to last few days. Oxygen saturation gets better but still swing up and down sometimes. 

Your stomach looks bloated. But again the nurse said it is ok and you are digesting well.

The line at your left hand has been taken out because it cause your left hand swollen. You are also not given any antibiotics today. Finger crossed and I really hope your mom's breast milk is able to supply you sufficient antibodies.

Everytime your mom touches you, you smile. She said you are a happy little boy.

Stay strong boy, and get stronger everyday.

Have faith in God, pray for God's grace and mercy.

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