Friday, June 05, 2015

Day 7 - Massive Bruise & Weight Gain

When papa & mama were going to sleep yesterday midnight, it was around 12:00am, the NICU called your mama's mobile phone.

She was so anxious, Dr. Khoo called. She informed us that there is a 5cm bruise in your arm, it was due to the mistake from the blood transfusion.

They have continue with the blood transfusion via the tube insert from your leg. Total blood transfusion was 10ml.

Doctor said the NICU has taken all necessary steps upon detected there is a bruise on your arm. So far the main artery of the affected area has no sign of compression.

We were so scared and pain in heart after the phone call. We did not sleep well. The next day morning, around 6:00am I made a call to NICU to check on your status, it was reported fine, and there is no sign of complication that cause by blood transfusion.

I have also visited to the NICU in the morning. Doctor Choo said you are doing fine, except the bruise which is suspected to be caused by the hair line of the tube that inserted thru your lung.

A part from the incident that caused by the blood transfusion, you progress well. 
You have gained some weight. 
Day1: 645gram
Day5: 570gram
Day6: 590gram
Day7: 680gram

Let set some milestone together.
First target is to cross 700g
Followed by 800g, 900g.
Big milestone will be at 1000g.
Then follow by 1.2kg, 1.5kg & 1.8kg.

Another good news is your digestion system has started to accept your mama's milk.

I wish you gain weight steadily & stay healthy.

Be strong!

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