Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 16 - Oxygen desaturations, bowel problem

Boy, you are struggling in keeping pace of the breathing. You were still alright in the morning, but I can see you struggle a lot in the evening.

The nurse has tried to increase your milk in take to 9ml every 2 hours. But during suction time, they found that there is 4ml left in your stomach.

In the evening the doctor inspected your bowel, there is bowel movement, however it is bloated. Doctor ordered you an X-ray, and will inject you with Meropenem. Let's hope that you do not developed Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC)

They will fast you for tonight, and will resume you with breast milk if your bowel is alright.

It must be tough for you, papa know it.

You are a boy, and I need you to keep moving on.

I trust you will overcome all obstacles and be healthy very soon.

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Leanna Toms said...

Hey marco. It must be hard for you right now. I remember my own daughter stopped and started feeds all the time. If doctors even have the smallest doubt then they will stop feeds to prevent anything getting out of control. Remember your boy is tiny, still very premature, so his bowels are very tiny! Some problems in tolerating milk is to be expected. The process of maturing the organs ( bowel, lung etc) is not always straight forward. Have patience, have faith.


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