Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day 23 - 1020g, 5th blood transfusion, possible IVH stage 2

Today is Father's Day. 
To papa, since your birthday, I am looking forward to see your progress everyday.
Nothing is more important than you.

You have achieved the important milestone, today you are weighed at 1020g. Weight gain of 120g. 

It suppose to be a good news, but I hope it is some technical error instead of other complications that cause the excessive weight gain. You shall be gaining weight at 20-30g per day.

You are still struggling with breathing. I can see higher ventilation setting and the oxygen level is at 55%. Doctor order a lung x-ray and blood transfusion.

The good news is as per Doctor See, your lung looks better from the previous X-ray. We are all hoping your respiration will be better after the blood transfusion.

Doctor Khoo scanned your brand for IVH detection. Your left brain is still maintained at IVH stage 1 while the right brain is suspecting to developement of IVH stage 2. She is unable to confirm the IVH grade of your right brand. Tomorrow the primary doctor will repeat the scan. I hope she is unable to confirm your right brain is either IVH stage 1 or 2 instead of IVH stage 2 or 3.

In the evening, you are still suffering from brearhing despite post blood transfusion. Papa and mama hope you will get better over the night.

Have fate in God. We pray for God's mercy and grace for your good health.

Boy, you need to stay strong.

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