Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 25 - I know you miss mom

Hao, our little boy. 

I know you miss your mom very much.

Today the nurse put you at the position that you are facing the ventilator.

Your mama touches you from the other side but you are not able to see her. Like any other days, she talked to you a lot. She give you encouragement and wanted you to grow stronger everyday.

When she walked over to the ventilator side to see you from front, you opened up your eyes, and your raised your right hand wanting to touch her.

Your mama wanted to hold your little hand, but the ventilator is blocking her way. 

I am not sure how old you are when you read this post. Just go hug your mom and hold her hand. She is the closest person to you in this world. No one love you like your mom does. 

I can see your ribs, chest and abdomen are less contracting when you breathe. You are recovering from lung compliance, I guess. This is the good sign as you should get away from intubation as soon as you can.

There is no change on the ventilation parameters as well as oxygen %. I hope it will wean down gradually tomorrow.

You are still on trial breast milk diet. 1ml every 3 hours.

Doctor Choo said your bowel X-Ray looks good. Thus, I believe you will be on full breast milk feeding in days to come.

Son, your mom, both your elder sisters, your grandmom, our friends are praying for your good health.

Have faith in God, and together pray for God mercy for your good health and recovery.

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Sharon.Bee said...

praying for baby Hao too~


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