Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 20 - 869g, still fasting

Son, even though you have bowel movement, and your abdomen is not bloating, to ensure your intestine will be doing well in the next attempt, the nurses will not feed you with breast milk until next Monday.

You gained some weight today. From 840 to 869g. Impressive growth in view with the current circumstances. I hope you will gain another 20-30g tomorrow.

I noticed that when your mother touches your forehead and your face, you will breathe slower and steadier. Just now you open your eyes for long period starring at your mom. I guess you miss her much. Your mom cried when she was having eye contact with you. She wanted you to stay strong and get away from the ventilation and infections.

There was a scary incident this evening. When a nurse performing a routine procedure, she reposition your body before she does suction. Your heart beat drop from 140bpm to 80bpm, oxygen saturation dropped from 96% to 70%, followed by your respiration rate dropped to 20-30.

It get worse off later that your heart rate dropped to 40bpm, oxygen saturation dropped to 60%.

Papa and mama were panic. Very panic, and helpless.

You got stabilized after she sucked out some very thick secretion from the ventilation tube.

Son, remember to inhale, exhale and cough when you have difficulties breathing.

Stay stronger and grow stronger everyday.

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