Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day 21 - 871g, lung compliance, fasting

Son, you gained 2g today. Your weight increased from 869g to 871g. 

Like yesterday, during the suction time, your heart beat, oxygen saturation, and respiration rate were gone to very low level.

The nurse pulled out some very thick secretion from your nose. 

We were talking with the standby doctor. Doctor Soon adjust the ventilation setting and increase the oxygen % to 40%.

She said as per your lung X-Ray taken on  15th June, you are considered affected by chronic lung disease.

You need to grow fast to replace the damaged lung cells with new cells. This process will be able to make your lung stronger.

You are also lung compliance. Your chest and stomach muscles are compressed during breathing.

Under such circumstances, you shall be utilizing much of your energy. You are strong, and I believe you will get stronger.

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