Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 13 - 805g, Ventilation from SIPPV to SIMV

Boy, I believe you have fully get over the water retention. Your body weight without  excessive water is at 805g. It is indeed a good news! Now, let's gear toward to cross 900g.

At night, the doctor has changed the ventilation mode from SIPPV to SIMV. I do not comprehend the differences, but the switch from ventilation method SIPPV to SMV is the weaning progress of the ventilation aid.

I have also played you Mozart music. As per some saying in the web, the Mozart music will help you to breathe better while utilizing less energy.

You are also improved the breast milk intake from 6ml yesterday to 7ml every 2 hours today.

You are progressing well. Papa believe you will be doing well and get home soon.

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