Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 15 - 820g, re-intubation SIPPV

Dear Hao, you have been re-intubation today because you did not response well with non NIPPV.

The doctor has put you back to ventilation mode SIPPV.

Papa and mama are very worry because pro-long intubation ventilation may cause some complications.

Your weight has also declined to 820g from 840g. The nurse said it is due to the withdrawal of the feeding tube on your right hand.

You look skinny, your diet is maintained at 8ml of breast milk every 2 hours.

To ensure you have sufficient nutrient from the breast milk, I have bought your mom the formula milk for breast feeding women.

Your eldest sister is preparing the milk with Milo for your mom. She is a good helper.

Stay strong and we are always be with you.


Leanna Toms said...

Hi marco. Sorry to hear about the re intubation. This is often the way t is with these babies, one step forward and two steps back. I suspect your little boy finds it hard to take steps forward with his breathing whilst fighting the infection in his hand. Hopefully he will find it all much easier after a course of antobiotics.
He is still doing well with tolerating feeds and his PDA is better, this is good! Stay positive ;)

Marco said...

Hi Leanna Toms, the setting of the reintubation is higher. Doctor said during the extubation period, his lung has collapse. Now the ventilator is helping to expand the lung. Is that common?

Leanna Toms said...

Hi marco. I know a few people who this has happened to, ? ( Collapsed lung) definitely not uncommon and luckily it is treatable, it may set him back on his breathing a little though. Hope you and your wife are well x


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