Sunday, June 28, 2015

Day 30 - 1060g, 7ml per feeding, SIPPV Oxygen 35%

Baby Hao, you are full moon today. Today is your 30th day in this world.

The doctor has lowered the oxygen supply % to you from 45% to 35%.
You breathing continue to be more stable. 

Papa and mama believe that several factors has contributed to your improvement. 

We believe Bromhexine Hydrochloride has significantly reduced your secretion. Even though as per the nurses your secretion is still thick. 

Another factor could be your weight. You have crossed 1000g, you are now more energetic than when you were at 700-900g.

You are off from antibiotics and resumed with breast milk feeding. The doctor has further increased your feeding volume from 5ml every 2 hours to 7ml every 2 hours. 

You have some weight lost. It is normal as you are cutting down a lot from the total parenteral nutrition (TPN). When you are on full feeding, TPN will not be needed and the CBL long line will be taken out from your right hand. It will definitely make you more comfortable.

Papa, mama, and your 2 sisters went to temple after visiting you in the morning. We pray for your good health and your grandfather speedy recovery from his arm injury. 

Get well soon son, everyone at home is waiting to welcome you home. We miss you.

Be a tough boy, and be faithful to God.

God bless!

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