Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 26 - 1045g, 6th blood transfusion

You are a naughty boy.
I noticed your ventilator tube has been changed. As per doctor, your tube came out from your mouth when you cough. And as per the nurse, it was pulled out by your itchy hand.

Boy, you are very active. It is a good sign. But can you please do not pull any tubes and wires around your body? Especially the ventilation tube, you still need it to breathe. 

If you think it is not comfortable, exercise your lung as you have only one single task, which is to grow healthily. You need to exercise your lung, breathe properly and rest well. As soon as you can breath without ventilator, the doctor is more than happy to take it off from you.

A part from that, please be cooperative with doctors and nurses when they are performing procedures on you.

You had your sixth blood transfusion today. It could be due to your bone marrow is still immature. It will normally overcome on 37th week of gestation. It means you need another 6 weeks to overcome this. But I do believe you shall be able to make it in less than 4 weeks time.

Because of your itchy hand, you are sort of reintubated. Your ventilation settings are going back to high parameters. Boy, can you stop doing that?

You are a little man. Extreme preterm but with fighting spirit. I shall be confident in you and start to catch up stuffs that I left over for 3 months since your mother pregnancy complication started.

Buddy, be strong, and do not pull the tubes.

God blessing!

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