Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 18 - 800g, fasting

Son, your weight has reduced to 800g. Doctor said you have slight improvement on your bowel, as bloating has slightly reduced and the good news is your abdomen is soft, and there is stools in your pampers.

You are active in the morning. I can see lots of wrinkles over your face and body. Probably you lost your fat during fasting.

In the evening, your skin look so much better, it shall be due to the nutrient infusion. However, you seems to be tired. You are smiling when your mom hold your hand and talk to you. You are so sweet. 

I hope you are recovering from infection and there is no additional infection that cause your tiredness.

My little man, you must remember that you need to be strong, believe in yourself that you will recover soon.

Together with papa, mama, relatives and friends, We pray for the God's mercy and grace for your good health.

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