Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Day 11 - 825g, Apnoea &pending echocardiogram

Your water retention has reduced. 

And surprisingly you also gain your weight from 800g to 825g. This is indeed a good news.

The doctor has increased your milk intake from 2 to 3ml every 2 hours, and further increase from 3 to 4ml every 2 hours at night.

Doctor has ordered a cardiogram to check your heart because they hear some sounds. Doctor James Liew said it is common for preterm infant like you.

I have also witnessed an episode of Apnoea on you. Your heart beat drop from 130bpm to 80bpm then further reduce to 40bpm. It happened within the time frame of 20-30 seconds.

Son, you must remember to breathe. Breathe deeply and with consistent rhythm. I told you exactly on my every visitations.

Stay strong!

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