Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 17 - Feeding Intolerance & Lung Collapse

Boy, looks like the doctor decision yesterday that putting you on fast and applying Meropenem is the right decision.

You are very active today. You just look like a full term infant, or even more active than them. Both or hands were swinging here and there, and you are kicking with both your legs.

The doctor put you on SIMV mode this morning. I was so happy because you are progressing well.

The morning doctor said you are recovering from the bloating bowel. The X-ray shows that there are some gas at your intestines, and they are bloated. No leakage found. The doctor will order another X-Ray tomorrow. Meanwhile they are investigating your case from the angle of possible Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC).

Because you are fasting, the doctor need to reinsert the CBL tube, feeding tube. The tube is inserted from your right hand to somewhere near your heart. An X-Ray is filmed after the procedure. From the X-Ray, the doctor found that your right lung has collapsed. 

I believe this is the reason they put you back to SIPPV ventilation mode. 

Papa hope both you will overcome both the feeding intolerance and lung collapse problems in few days time. You are my strong boy.

Stay strong. Papa & mama are with you all the time.

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