Monday, June 08, 2015

Day 10 - Water Retention & Possible False Weigh Gain

Son, you have massive weight gain today. You gain 105g in a day. You are at 805g today.

You have also increase the breast milk intake from 1ml every 2 hours to 2ml every 2 hours.

The doctor has also reduce the ventilator setting to 30bpm. You are coping fine.

The only not so good news is we noticed you have water retention. The weight gain may be a false result due to water retention. 

I hope the water retention will not cause you any harm. Meantime, the doctor has ordered your nutrition with less water contain.

Stay strong and you shall get well soon.
Your mom is expecting you to gain weight until 1kg by end of this week.

It means you have to gain 40g per day assuming your actual weight is 800g as of today.

Sleep well and we shall see. Good night!

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