Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 14 - 840g, Ventilation mode from SIMV to NIPPV

Boy, you are 2 weeks old now. 28weeks in the womb & 2 weeks at Incubator.

You progress very well today.

You gained 35g today, from 805g to 840g.

Doctor confirmed your PDA has resolved by itself.

You are recovering from Intraventricular Hemorrhage Stage 1.

Further increased on your intake of breast milk. 8ml every 2 hours.

You are on extubation now. The doctor has changed your ventilation mode from SIMV mode to NIPPV mode.

The on call doctor at night, Doctor Ong found that your right hand is swollen due to the tubing that supply you nutrien. As you no longer needed it, the tube will be taken out from your right hand tonight as well.

Papa believe you shall feel more comfortable with removing 2 tubes from your body, the ventilation intubation tube & the nutrien supply tube.

Sleep well son.

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