Monday, March 07, 2011

Working Hard By Working Smart

I must admit that I am not a hard working person. In my philosophy, if we tend to spend long hour on an assignment or project, it would lead us to be less efficient. The damaging part is one may adopt working long hour as habit, and it will ended up less efficient in long run.

The nature of my day time career as a consultant required me to answer to many queries. A big thank you to Google's Blogspot, I have an option to upload the common queries or FAQs on my Industrial Marking & Coding and Large Format Printing Technologies Blog. By doing that, the mentioned technical blog served as my Avatar in the digital world.

My Industrial Printer & Plotter blog is working while I am ...
1. Sleeping
2. Engaged with phone or clients.
3. Holidays
4. Meetings
5. Stuck at traffic jam
5. Etc

The greater part is it serves not only Malaysia community, but countries like United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Thailand, United States, Austria, Australia, etc.

Visitors by country (Screen-shot from Nuffnang Analytic Menu)

Hope that in the near future I would be able to serve my clients on-line. This will definitely enable a stress free and work life balance lifestyle.

Are you working smart or working hard?

1 comment:

Jayce said...

I must admit that I am not working hard enough. Need to work harder. ^_^"


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