Friday, February 21, 2014

AmFIRST REIT & Quill Capita Trust, time to add position?

Both AmFIRST REIT (AMFIRST) & Quill Capita Trust (QCAPITA) share price were very steady in term of price movement all these years. Since last few days, the trend become abnormal for these 2 counters.

 AMFIRST share price started to drop below the strong resistance at RM1.00 on 14th February 2014. The declining trend is continuing on every trade day until today with huge volume.

The share price movement of QCAPITA is very similar with AMFIRST. QCAPITA unit price fell below RM1,15 on 13th February 2014 and the share price is trending town to RM1.05 as of today closing with very high volume.

There is no negative news or announcements on these 2 counters, and in view of their historic price movement trend, my wild guess is it could be disposal of stake by major shareholder of AMFIRST and QCAPITA with the objective to cash out by end of February for fund repositioning.

If my guess work is true, the price of these M-REIT counters shall be stabilize next week.

Sunday, February 16, 2014






Monday, February 10, 2014

Will Malaysia bankrupt by 2020?

Today is the 11th day of the Chinese New Year. I am going to spend 3 days 2 nights in Singapore on my day time career official assignment. The exchange rate between Singapore Dollar and Malaysia Ringgit is SGD1.00 = RM2.625. Malaysia Ringgit has reduced its value by more than 10% in less than a year time.
As per my previous post Singapore vs Malaysia 2, Malaysia is now facing the challenge of hyper inflation phenomenon, and personally I am pessimistic over the turnaround plan of the current ruling government in view of their track record and reputation.
One of the Malaysian economist mentioned that the power of compound effect of the deficit budget. Malaysia Government has recorded more than 15 years of deficit budget since 1999 till 2013. To turnaround the situation is not easy, any efforts that put in may not even strong enough to counter the negative impact of the compound effect that caused by the deficit budget over these years.
Will Malaysia bankrupt by 2020? My wild guess is it is unlikely, but the situation is not going to be far better than bankruptcy.

2014 Resolutions

New Year holiday is always the best time for me to review my past journeys and set new directions for the rest of the year. During the New Year long holiday (public holiday + annual leaves), I spent time with my family members, relative and school days friends in my home town. Spending times with them helps in refreshing those good memories, which actually giving clues to me in setting new directions for 2014.

My 2014 resolutions shall be as below:
1. Keep fit, reduce weight and do exercise.
2. Work life balance, physically and mentally.
3. Take care of the love ones.
4. Life improvement that covers home, car, and other stuffs related to living.
5. Comprehensive investment strategies, invest for cash flow.
6. Growing my own vegetables & fruits
7. Learn how to cook
8. Organize monthly family event/ outing.

This year, I am going to live my life for meaningful and cherish my love ones.

Monday, February 03, 2014

The Litter Bug in Kuantan - Proton Saga CCT9397

It was 2014 Chinese New Year eve, I was queuing to get my car wash up at one of the Auto Spa Centre in Kuantan town.

One of the young driver of the black Proton Saga CCT9397 thrown out litter from his car cabin.

Litter Bug, car driver of Proton Saga CCT9397,  shame on you!


已经许多年没有收到农历新年祝贺卡了, 今天也不例外。

如今电脑科技发达,电子通讯更是一日千里。从祝贺卡到手机短信、然后到今曰的WhatApp, 电子农历新年祝贺卡也便得很有创意。


Sunday, February 02, 2014





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