Saturday, January 14, 2012

Paying off debts before Chinese New Year 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 is just around the corner. Have you start planning to clear all your debts especially the credit cards debts before celebrating the Chinese New Year?

Overdue debts is perceived as "bad luck". Carrying forward last year debts to a new year is sort of bringing "bad luck" into the coming year.

Common debts as below:
  1. Credit Card Debts
  2. Mortgage Loan
  3. Car Loan
  4. Loan among family members
  5. Personal Loan from banks
  6. Personal Loan from friends or colleagues

The good news is most of the corporates or employers will be paying the annual bonus to the employees a week before Chinese New Year. Thus, it is advisable for one to list down all the debts and ensure the money is spent to clear off the debts before spending on unnecessary stuffs; worse case is to spend the money to commit for another long term debts.

Take myself as example, I have paid my mortgage loan February 2012 repayment yesterday. By next week, I will pay off the both my credit cards spending which will due on 25th and 28th January 2012.

Have you pay off your debts?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Citibank Ready Credit Account Does Not Accept Foreign Currency Cheque

I have deposited my 6th Google Adsense Pay Check into the Citibank Ready Credit Account. In about 2 weeks time after I bank-in the US Dollar Currency Pay Check via Citibank ATM, the officer called me and informed me that they have to return the check because Citibank Ready Credit Account does not accept foreign currency check.

The officer replied as below when I seek for clarification.

"We have tried to clear the cheque into your Citibank Ready Credit Account, but it just didn't work out because it is not a saving account or current account. Citibank Ready Credit Account is like another credit card account."

The check is then returned by Citibank via registered mail.

Shall I switch to Western Union payment method for Google Adsense earnings?

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Work Life Balance in 2012

It has been a while since I write about work life balance.

3rd January 2012 is the first work day of the new year. Everything as usual but corporate that I worked at has targeted a 20% increase in revenue.. What does it means? It means that the employees will need to work smarter and harder to achieve the corporate ultimate goal in the new year.

I left office at 8:30pm and reached home around 9:30pm. My soul and body has already exhausted at the moment I had my dinner. 

A balance life means spending 8 hours per day equally to 3 vital elements as below:
a. Family
b. Career
c. Rest, Health & Fitness

I have turned mid 30s in 2012. It is important to live a balance life everyday. If I live everyday like 3rd January 2012, basically I will achieve my career objective, spent no time with family and causing insufficient rest and jeopardise my health and fitness.

A lousy family life and unhealthy body will ended up causing you less efficient in your career.

If you are a boss running your own company or a department, please impart the work life balance lifestyle culture among your circles. A balance life will be able to create positive working environment and promote productivity.

In short, work life balance is a win-win-win deal to the 3 aspects of life as mentioned above.


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