Saturday, December 13, 2014

Disposed Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020 & Amanah Saham Malaysia

Malaysia is a lovely place to live, but the ruling government know nothing about the economy & is not doing any good to turn it around.

The government is still playing the racial to ensure they are still staying in control in the next election.

The ASW2020 & ASM have been with me for decades, with good dividend yields at more than 6%. But I personally believe that when the nation fundamentals is going haywire, the funds that is supporting national projects will definitely hitted.

Furthermore I do not want my hard earn money to be used to fund those projects that benefitted the politicians instead of the country.

A hard decision is made, I have closed both accounts and cash out all my money.

IOI Skypod Puchong Jaya

Everyone is speculating that property market in Malaysia is turning south in 2015 due to over supply.

I agree and disagree.

In my view, new property that cost more than RM500k in not so strategic location and is not developed by prestigious developer will be at high risk.

Meanwhile I personally think that new property in good location and is a project under those prestigious developer will definitely still have room to appreciate.

The Skypod, Puchong Jaya developed by IOI Properties is one of the project that I believe it will bring good return.

  1. Strategically located opposite IOI Mall, behind IOI business park.
  2. Low density.
  3. The only studio units in Puchong Jaya
  4. Walking distance to Puchong Jaya commercial area.
  5. Very near to Chinese primary school.
  6. Easy access to LDP, KESAS, TPM Highway.
  7. Freehold.

The key will be handed over in 2015.
Let see if my guess is right.

AmFIRST REIT - Record Low Price

The AmFIRST REIT has hit rock bottom last week.

AmFIRST hitted its bottom at RM0.91 in March 2014 and then recovered in 2 weeks time before it price hitted another new record low last week.

I am not a technical analyst, but as long as the fundamental of AmFIRST is intact, I shall accumulate more of the units at cheap price.

Based on historical payout, unit holders can expect 8% dividend yield with entry price at RM0.89.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wiper Blades Stolen at Guarded Car Park

Yesterday evening when I was returning home after picking up my spouse, I noticed that my wiper blades were missing when I attempt to clean my windscreen.

It was very lucky that the heavy rain was just stopped when I were heading home. It would have been a disaster if it was raining to drive without wiper blades.

I thought it was silly for the thieve to steal such invaluable item. I was wrong as I found out a pair of original wiper blades for my car cost RM300.

The incident has also trigger me that Malaysia economy is not doing well, and peoples is desperate for money.

I will definitely log an official complaint via my office as it was stolen at the corporate office basement.

Maybe I shall consider to move on to a safer place like Taiwan, Hong Kong or Singapore.

Western Union at IOI Mall Puchong

This is the second time I cash out Google Adsense payment via Western Union.

The crowd at the money changer is extremely packed, and there are customer waiting outside the shop.

Most of them are foreign workers, with the purpose of sending transferring their hard earn money to their home country.

Next time I will come very early to prevent the heavy crowd.

Alternately I may opt for cheque payment instead of Western Union.


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